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Page Updated: 1/26/2021
Prophecy Links to Good Sites & True News Sites

I have been following some very good Prophecy Sites. I feel I need to Post them, as well as U.S.
HISTORY and other news I have found. I hope you find it ALL as Interesting as I have. WOW!

Posted 1/23/2021

Will we ever restore the Republic? That is a question I cannot answer yet. I hope, and most of all — pray — that WE, the Sovereign People, will work together in a spirit of cooperation to make it happen in this lifetime. I know I will give it my best shot — come what may. Our children deserve their rightful legacy — the liberty our ancestors fought so hard to give to us. Will we remain silent telling ourselves we are free, and perpetuate the MYTH? Or, do we stand as One Sovereign People, and take back what has been stolen from the house of our Republic?


Note: The old United States of America has Now past away! "Corporation"
Behold, We are Now Witnessing All of US!! The Rebirth of The New Republic In OUR Country
Thanks To Our Lord, Our Savor, Jesus Christ
Our Lord is Using Our President Donald J. Trump to Bring this about.
What a eye opener, Not just here but around the World.
There are many links in here that will show you the truth.

Kim Clement was a man from God. Everything he said is happened and or has Come to Pass. Wow!
This is God At Work

I pray the Lord opens all eyes, that they also may see the truth. God moved me to put this page in my site. I Thank God for His Son and All He is doing This Day. Amen.

Please watch the video that is playing

Trey Smith has a lot of Kim Clements videos in his web site. Kim
was a man of God. You will have to see to believe.

Trey Smith, Web Site:
Kim's daughter Donne is posting and updating the things her dad had said over the yrs.
Please go and check it out, all the things Kim said, has happened or come to pass
May Kim Rest In Our Lord with Peace.

Kim Clement, Web Site:    House Of Destiny
Heidi St. John Has a Good Video Here Posted 1/9/2021

Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom

Stop lecturing Christians. No, we don’t worship Trump

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Link to Donald Trump Jr. if you would like to know what is happening

Web Site:    Donald Trump Jr.
Link to Simon Parkes if you would like to know what is happening today

Web Site:    Simon Parkes
American Media Periscope
Link to a True News Site if you would like to know what is happening today

Web Site:    American Media Periscope

American Media Periscope
Scenario A - America Restored: 1871 – 2021

Web Site:    American Restored: 1871 - 2021
The United States Isn't a Country— It's a Corporation!
by Lisa Guliani

Click Here To Learn More

The United States Isn't a Country— It's a Corporation!
by Mark Hafner

Click Here To See the 1:14:45 Long Video

Satanic Occult Symbols In Washington D.C.
by David J. Stewart | March 2007 | updated August 2016

Click Here To Learn More

Historian/author Ralph Epperson has spent many years researching the
history of the Great Seal on Our Money

Researching the History on our Money
The Marshall Report

Web Site:    NEW CEO

This was Posted 1/22/2022. Please Note This is a SHOW WE ARE ALL WATCHING!!.
Both links go to this site. Also Note: You will see this is a Movie Set,
"Castle Rock Pictures. BOOOOOOM!"
Nancy Pelosi's Letter to Ted Wheeler, Portland, Or

Letter:    Open Letter
USGS All Earthquakes
This is a page that show all the earthquakes around the world. With what is happening today
I believe we all need to keep informed. Remember, God controls the world, it obeys him.
Note on the right side of the page you may click on 1 day, 7 days up to 30 Days,
All Magnitudes U.S.

Earthquakes:    Open Earthquake Page

This is a new era of messaging as of 1/22/2021 has surpassed 500 million active users. As of
1/22/2021, the past 72 hours alone, more than 25 million new users from around the world
joined Telegram. Donald J. Trump is also there.

Telegram Web site:    Open & Join Telegram

Texas Attorney General Suing Biden over new executive orders
Ken Paxton's note to the Acting Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

His Letters:    Open
Posted 1/23/21
The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 2021

Trump is aware of the sinister plans of the Globalist Elite to bring about a North American Union
that will later be conjoined at the head of the UN’s plans for a global world order.
Today they call it Global Governance.
Trump will not bow down to the establishment nor their plans to have a prolonged border crisis.

WOW!! Watch This Video:    Trump will NOT BOW to THIS ESTABLISHENT'S AGENDA

Posted 1/23/2021
Kerry also can bring you up to speed as to what is happening today.
She is welcoming US to the New Republic!!
Please go to her site

Kerry Cassidy Website:    Camelot

Posted 1/23/2021

Sidney Powell posted this in Telegram

Sidney Post:    New Republic PAC

Posted 1/23/2021
Beach Broadcast is got some good truths about Biden's Movie he is now making LOL
This video is 26 mins. She shows you how Fake 1/20/2021 really was LOL

Beach Broadcast:    Must See, shows truth on what did happen
Posted 1/25/2021
Humorous Mathematics - Mews for Patriots
Mid-2020 GITMO Update: Arrests, Indictments, & Executions

Arrests, Indictments, & Executions:    Must See, shows truth
Posted 1/26/2021
The Federal Reserve Bank

William Cooper:    Federal Reserve Bank
Posted 1/26/2021
This Picture show what they had in 1960 President Kennedy and Today. WOW! Just a little Reading

Since this video has been remove once they re posted it, I now have re posted it in my site
This video starts playing right away can pause it

Open Link:     Human Cloning

As mentioned in the above link to the video, human cloning has been confirmed and many of the elites you are now seeing are in fact clones or doubles standing in for themselves. The reason for these clones is because humanity has not yet awakened enough to handle knowing all the crimes these sick disgusting Deep State Freemasonic Illuminati Cabal Globalist Satanists are truly involved in. The majority of society would literally go mentally insane if they learn't all of this information at once. This is why we must help everyone we know raise their vibrational frequency, overcome cognitive dissonance, take the Red Pill, and defeat indoctrination. Once we collectively see the light we shall see the truth, we are in it together. WWG1WGA!

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