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Posted 2/22/2021
Question is? Is New 5D Earth A New Earth? Or Is it a New Conscious Mind?
Conscions Mind = Physical Walking or Life
Subconscious Mind = Sleep, Dream time, Soul
Super Conscious Mind = Prayers, Spirit

All kinds of Videos in the Video Area about the New 5D Earth
We All Need To Wake Up and Decide for Our Selves
I can put stuff out here but it up to You to decide
What is COMING Can Not Be Stopped

Youtube Videos:    New 5D EARTH
Youtube Video:   Ascension

Posted 2/23/2021

This is the Shorter Version
In this Video Juan O Saven admits to supporting Timothy Holmseth, believing his work to ring true, and being affiliated with his "children's crusade" grift that exploits hard working American's who are concerned about child trafficking victims with made up entities like Holmseth's "Pedophile Pentagon Taskforce"
Vide Opens in Bitchute | Is 43 mins., but worth watching
You tube Video:    Juan O Savin

Posted 2/28/2021

The Actual Truth About Fluoride

By Johnny Woods | March 28, 2020
Seeking Truth, Secrets And Cover Ups, Gmos Bioengineering Big Pharma

Video Opens in Gaia Over 6 mins
Open Video: Fluoride
Fluoride is added to 70% of America’s drinking water, in what has long been a controversial practice of involuntary
mass-medication. Read more on Video page.

Posted 2/27/2021

Posted by: Rudy Giuliani "Telegram"   2/27/2021

Posted by: Rudy Giuliani "Telegram" 2/27/2021
Forwarded from Noah's Prophecy

Never seen before! Snowing in Saudi Arabia’s Desert!
Cold from the south, everything upside down, was predicted by Noahs Prophecy
as the 4th announcement sign of SABMYK Awakening.





Posted 2/28/2021

Ancient Library

African History | History of the Songhai Empire | Of the Kingdom of Burundi and more

Many Videos
Open Video Page: Ancient Library

Posted 3/3/2021


MUST SEE: CDC Admits Massive Number Of Old People Dying
After Taking COVID Vaccines!

Video 2 Mins
Open Video: CDC Admits Massive Numbers.....


Posted 3/3/2021

Take Back Our Countries

Posted by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/3/2021

It is time to take Back Our Countries

Video 3 Mins
See Video below or Open In Rumble: It Is Time.....


Posted 3/4/2021

Peace Through Strength

Posted by: SantaSurfing "Telegram" 3/4/2021

Reagan - Peace Through Strength
Video 5 Mins
I was going the the All the Q Posts and They are very Interesting

Scavino Comms!

Military is the only way. Today was a big day for military comms from President Trump and Pompeo.

Now Scavino is joining the act.


Scavino new Facebook post timestamp 11:08pm.


-Q Drop 1108 points to Iran’s threat to restart nukes - Like Clockwork. You have been prepared.


News unlocks the map. The MSM reported that the US bombed facilities in Syria used by *Iran-backed militia*.


-Q Drop 2308 is interesting. It includes a YouTube link to Reagan’s "Peace through strength" phrase used in his speech, which is a phrase that suggests that military power can help preserve peace.


Scavino is blatantly sending comms that peace will be restored through military power.


Link to Q Drop 2308:


Ronald Reagan YouTube link in Q Drop 2308:
Presidential Library "A Time For Choosing" By Ronald Reagan 10/27/1964


WikiPedia link to “Peace through Strength”:


View All Q Posts:


2 New Intel Drops!
2 new drops! Latest, #4951

Open Letter From Q: Q Post #4941 - To the President of the United States of America:
To The President

Posted 3/4/2021
United States
Post from Q Post #4842

Monthly and 12 month-ending number of live births, deaths and infant deaths: United States

If your Interested CDC Statistics On Births Deaths Infant Deaths and more....
Open CDC Site: CDC

Posted 3/4/2021
End Human Traffinking
Forwarded from: END HUMAN TRAFFICKING "Telegram"

END HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Member Submitted Video. Awesome Job!
Join us on Telegram@ENDHUMANTRAFFICKING@StopandThinkNews
Video 4 Mins
Open Youtube Video: End Human Traffinking

Posted 3/5/2021
Posted by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/5/2021


Nate-1776 Hale-CI

BE PATIENT: We the People must trust the Military Corps of the United States | the Commander in Chief – Donald J. Trump – in situ; who will be installed as the rightfully elected President of the United States pretty soon. These grand events will be drawn out as scheduled while every nooks and crannies in Washington DC are being sterilized. Remember, the Military Corps gave us the independence in 1776, however for this singular event, our “God Loving Armed Forces” will give All Americans the God given right to choose under the U.S. Constitution… the “2021 Presidential Inauguration” is forthcoming!


The U.S. Military Corps will conduct honest elections for new governmental positions and will oversee any immediate election thereafter – “Our Right to Vote” will be fortified by Military Tribunal.


Beware for the Misdirection!

WAKE UP: Rosicrucian Order originally separated the Humans and Homo Capensis - Troglodytes, Magical Invocations, Satanic Cults, Sciences and wrote about the Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Pedophilia & Bi-gender or Inter-sexual Psychosis 1500 BC… and angered everyone i.e., the Roman Empire, The Vatican, Christian & Orthodox Churches, Muslims & Jews, European Monarchy and branded them as heretical and apocryphal – these monks were hated and ostracized for being TRUTHFUL.


For centuries, the World’s Secret Societies like the Freemasons - Illuminati stole the Rosicrucian symbols, misinterpreted the Code Book of Sciences, Mathematics, Astrology, Cryptography & Predictive Analytics with open-end interpretation by the Illuminati-Freemason Gurus using “Lies & Deceit” to control the lower end of the society… and Rule the World.


Euclid, Pythagoras, Galileo, Archimedes, Socrates, Nostradamus & etc., especially Jesus who offered the “Greatest Positive Impact” to the World… that baffled the Illuminati-Freemasonic Societies to this day constantly captivated by trinkets, money, prestige, mass control and personal gratification…What is good in that?

Posted 3/5/2021
Posted by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/5/2021


Elon Musk hopes to begin implanting chips in human brains "later this year"
Elon Musk announced that his company Neuralink is hoping to implant brain

chips into human test subjects "later this year."


For more Info. on this Implanting Chips in Human Brains .. Chips In the Brain


Posted 3/5/2021

Dark to Light

Posted by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/5/2021

Episode #020 with Guest Juan O Savin
Transformation is Upon US
Video 1:44:46
Open Youtube Video: Dark To Light.

Posted 3/5/2021
Forwarded From: The Great Reset Times "Telegram"

(The PainKiller)


This Video is 1:42:19
Here is the Link: New Terrorism Towers

Posted 3/5/2021

Posted by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/5/2021

Sounds Of Freedom [Official Trailer]

Video 0:02:21
Open Youtube Video: Freedom

Posted 3/5/2021

Golden Trumpet

Posted by: SantaSurfing "Telegram" 3/5/2021
Forwarded from Edward Kasarjian

Open Link: God's Golden Trumpet:

Posted 3/6/2021

Longtime journalist explains decision to leave ‘BIASED’ news media

Glenn Beck

Kari Lake, who has been an anchor with Phoenix's Fox 10 for 22 years, recently went viral for a video she posted explaining her decision to leave the news media behind. "In the last few years, I haven't felt proud to be a member of the media. I'm sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way," she said. Lake joins Glenn to discuss her decision, how newsrooms can better diversify, and where our nation is headed next...

Video 15 mins
Open Youtube Video: Kari Lake Leaving Fox 10

Posted 3/6/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Dad did NOT Die of Covid - But it's on his Death Certificate.
Open News Paper: FRAUD IS A CRIME!!


Posted 3/6/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Very Interesting Short Video

Open Video: Teloportation !!



Posted 3/6/2021

Posted By: PatriotsTV "Telegram"

If You Know YOU KNOW

Open Picture: If you know....


Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: SantaSurfing "Telegram"

Controlling The Weather
The Storm that Hit Texas "Snow And Ice Storm" Feb. 2021
Was a Man made storm or Man controlling the weather.
This Video is 1 hr long but shows how they are controlling our weather
Open Youtube Video: Controlling Weather


Post by: Juan O Savin "Telegram" 3/11/2021
Another Video - Open Youtube Video: Anomalys


Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

For one last important nugget, the other crucial reference to 666 in the Bible is in regards to gold and money. If

you’re not aware of who controls the Federal Reserve of the United States, the most important bank in the world,

it is a collection of private Jewish bankers; they are the same people who control the mainstream media, across

the globe. In October of 2017, they reported the United States was running a $666-billion deficit for the fiscal year.

In the next chapter, you’ll learn how the month of ‘October’ equates to 666, as well as ‘dollar sign’ and ‘business’.

In case you’re not aware, our economy is completely fake, and all reporting is by the code you are now learning. The report of the deficit came on a date with ‘47’ numerology, corresponding with the Ordinal Gematria of ‘beast’; that was October 20, 2017. Now, let’s read from 2 Chronicles 9:13.


2 Chronicles 9:13 New International Version (NIV) The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, That is in reference to King Solomon, the important Masonic figure, who occupied the most beautiful temple the world had ever known. In the Bible, it is sex that ultimately destroys Solomon, who is obsessed with women that are lured to him because of his riches. Let’s now decode the word ‘sex’ using reduction, to see how the digits within the word breakdown to 1, 5 and 6, very much like 156, our number sharing the significant relationship with 666. As they say, sex sells. Sex = 1+5+6 (R) If we decode ‘sex’ with Reverse Ordinal, it sums to 33, our other number connected to ‘156’, as covered. The math is as follows: Sex = 8+22+3 = 33 (RO) Think about these words, ‘Playboy’ and ‘porno’: Playboy = 7+3+1+7+2+6+7 = 33 (R); Porno = 7+6+9+5+6 = 33 (R) On pornographic material, the three letters XXX are often displayed. X is the 24th letter, which means in Reduction, X becomes 6, because 24 is 2+4 = 6. Thus, XXX is also the same as 666. As you can see, the more you learn, the more the code makes sense, and the more eye opening the things we take for granted in this world become. To bring this back to mathematics, if you count the first 144 decimal points of Pi, and add them together, they equate to 666. In Revelation 13, it says only those who have the Mark of the Beast will be able to buy and sell. If you decode ‘Mark of the Beast’, using Ordinal Gematria, it sums to 144. In Revelation 7:4, and Revelation 14:1, the number 144,000 is referenced. Later we will learn about 144, another very special number. For now, just appreciate the mathematics between 144 and 666, and how they connect Pi & geometry.

Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Here are some "Did you Know" This was going on?
Open Link to See What They were Doing
Did you Know?

Posted 3/7/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Posted 3/7/2021
Our Rights

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Network (CBN Inc) "Telegram"

Here are Our "Rights"
Open Link to See Read them
Our Rights

Posted 3/8/2021
When Your Enemies Share Their Plans

Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
This is a Very Good Eye Opening Video as to What the Left Really wants to do with US!
This is a Must See Video!!

Video is: 9 mins

See Video below or Open In Rumble: Enemies Plans


Posted 3/8/2021
The Chosen One

Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"

Video Says is all
Video under 10 Sec.
See Video below or Open In Rumble: Chosen One


Posted 3/8/2021
Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"


Posted 3/8/2021
Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"

This Shows what the Rich are doing
Also Shows what Happens if You Take God OUT of EVERYTHING! How Sick!

Posted 3/8/2021
Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
Forwarded from: Q-Tip

Good Morning, good afternoon and good evening Patriots, wherever you are. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Saturday.


No this is not a decode. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all...


Our journey continues...Our struggle began a few months ago now on 11/3/2020. We were all extremely excited prior to the elections, as Trump traveled from city to city, rallying and uniting Americans nationwide. We knew he would win, and we had no doubts that it would be a landslide.


Then 11/3 came. Trump was winning, by a LOT. I recall all of his leads. I recall my happiness and excitement on

the night of 11/3, as I started to envision the next 4 years with my beautiful family. Then, in just a few short hours,

[they] stole the election, and along with it, [they] stole OUR DREAMS, OUR EMOTIONS, OUR FUTURE, OUR EVERYTHING...

We then found out that our trusted sources like Fox News, told us that Biden was the winner even though he wasn’t,

and that we should just accept the result. We then started to realize that many in our own party are nothing but two

faced chameleons.


We were mocked, made fun of, and humiliated over and over again. We had our hopes high on 11/3, only to be stolen. We thought things would surely change by 12/14 via the Supreme Court, only to realize how corrupt and compromised the system really is. We put our faith in our legislators and VP Pence, only to realize that they were not going to uphold the constitution and do their job. Biden became the faux President on 1/20, which was by far the most frustrating day for most Patriots. And on 2/19/21, we were once again disappointed by the Supreme Court.




Do you understand how tough you all really are? Physically, mentally and emotionally? You are all WARRIORS. No one gives us any credit. No one sees the sheer determination in us, the perseverance, or the will that we have to want to keep our freedoms in tact.




Would I forgive the left for continuously mocking us, making fun of us, and even embarrassing us publicly? YES. With open arms. Because they too are our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, they have been manipulated by the media for far too long. I know it’s hard, but try not to hold any grudges against your family members or friends. We all need to stick together.


And I know it’s hard to keep holding the line, but great things often take time. By God, we will win, and Trump will be re-elected.


Have faith Patriots.
Every lie will be revealed.
The truth will set us all free.
The truth will set this country free.


And don’t forget,
The Best Is Yet To Come.
I love you all,

Posted 3/8/2021
Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg's Real Name is Jacob Greenberg?
Click Here to Learn More
Posted 3/8/2021

Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
Dr. Used Vape to Show How Mask Don't Work
Must Watch video 3 mins
See Video below or Open In Rumble: Masks Don't Work!!


Posted 3/8/2021
Trubute To My Hero's

Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
forwarded from: GENAPOSTLE
Tribute To My Hero's Jesus Christ Sabmyk, JFK Jr, My President Donald J. Trump

Open His Link in Rumble: Tribute To My Hero's

Posted 3/9/2021
Your SS Card

Posted By: Charlie Ward Show "Telegram"
forwarded from: Patriot Alerts

Trey Wright

February 15, 2020 ·

Take a magnifying glass and use it to look at the line under your signature on your SS card. You'll be shocked to see that there are little tiny words there. That is a contract! Also, the number on the back of your social security card is on the US Stock exchange. Meaning that any country that America is in debt to can go on the stock market and buy YOU. When you were born and hit with that ss #, you are no longer a human being. You are a corporation. A corporation that can be bought and sold. How can they legally do this? They created a strawman (linked to funds) using your name in all caps on your birth certificate. Ur parents unknowingly signed you over to the government when they signed your birth certificate. You are a ward of the state. Your birth certificate is another contract! Modern day slavery via paperwork! You don't have to believe me. Do your own research! Knowledge is power!!!

Posted 3/9/2021
John D Rockefeller & Andrew Carnagie

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Networking (CBN Inc) "Telegram"
Very Interesting a Must Read

In 1910 John D Rockefeller & Andrew Carnagie became MAJOR investors of Big Oil & Big Pharma. They banned the medical field from even acknowleding the existence of energy within the body & the use of electromagnetic healing because there's no money in cures & healthy ppl. Being founders of Big Oil, the Rockefellers pushed petrolium based drugs on the public for TREATMENT to keep them coming back. $$$


To help push the indoctrination forward, John D. Rockefeller gave more than $100 million to schools, colleges & hospitals & he founded a philanthropic front group called "General Education Board". ANY schools & hospitals that did NOT adopt the BS fake science of the Rockefeller's would NOT get funding & thus, would close down.


John D Rockefeller & Andrew Carnagie founded Big Pharma that props up our current world.


Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Faraday, Maxwell, Heavyside & many others who built 100 percent of the CURRENT electric grid & our entire modern world, collectively agreed that magnetism, static electricity & electricity governs our world & universe. They tried to teach us this over 100 years ago. Their science was swept under the rug to be hidden from us by corrupt, evil people & Einstein, a man who literally invented NOTHING, was forced upon us by these very evil people to throw humanity off the trail of true metaphysics of the universe.


We need to dig out the teachings of Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz & others to relearn absolutely EVERYTHING about energy's true role in our own biology & the biology of our Earth & universe.


Magnetism is NOT taught to us correctly & its origin is NOT in the metal on your refrigerator. It's a neat ATTRIBUTE of magnetism, but it's not its primary function.


Think of healing using LIGHT. Light is NOT a particle. It's an electro-magnetic coaxeal circuit. Light IS an electrical phenomenon. SO ARE YOU!

Posted 3/9/2021

Posted By: Citizen Broadcasting Networking (CBN Inc) "Telegram"
Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Any MORE!!
Must Watch video 4 mins
See Video below or Open In Rumble: Lightning and the Thunder


Posted 3/9/2021

Posted By: The Reall Awakening "Telegram"
Chick-Fil-A Sauce
You need to read the ingredients:
Here are the Ingredients for this Sauce:
Soybean oil, Sugar, BBQ Sauce, Tomato Paste, Corn Syrup,

Vinegar, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Caramel, (Color), Spices, Garlic*,

Onion*, Natural, Flavor, (Distilled Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt,

Turmeric, Paprikea, Spice, Garlic*) Distilled Vinegar, Egg Yolk, Salt,

Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Mustard Flour, Xanthan Gum,

Natural Flavor, Garlic*, Calcium Disodium EDTA Added to Protect Flavor.

*Dehyorated Contains:EGGS
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid = EDTA
In this short Video He explains what the EDTA is and what it causes to the body

Must Watch video 35 Sec.
See Video below or Open In Rumble: Chick-Fil-A Sauce


We need to 100% clean up the food industry. The Food industry and many companies put. ..


>“preservatives” in foods that are carcinogens and toxic


>artificial flavors in there that are neurotoxins which overexcite nerve cells, particularly those involved with taste (so now natural unflavored food tastes less tastefull)


> food coloring which are all carcinogens


> “natural flavors” in their foods to include ‘Senomyx’, which is fetal cells, and beaver anal gland secretions (I shit you not- look it up)


Chick Fil A (bless their christian hearts) also use monosodium glutamate aka MSG in all of their food as well.



Posted 3/9/2021

Posted By: SantaSurfing "Telegram"
Two Charts here I inlarged them the best I could.

Both Charts: Canaanites to USA 1776
These are Very Interesting charts Prophecy | News
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